Town of Cape Vincent Town Board Meeting

September 21 – Town Office Building  7pm

Open Meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance

Privilege of the floor

Accept minutes of the regular Town Board meeting of August 17 and Public Hearing


Dog Control Officer – Amy Funk

Assessor – Timothy Ritter

Zoning Enforcement officer – Jim Millington

Water & Rec Park –PW Superintendent Keith Brass

Highway – Superintendent Dan Hubbard

Finances – Supervisor Suller                                       

ZBA – Councilman Bender                                           

  1. V. Village Board– Councilman Mason

Machinery Committee – Councilman Mason, Aubertine

DANC – Councilmen Mason/Aubertine

Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan – Councilmen Bender/Mason

Planning Board – Councilman Bender

Rec Park Commission – Councilman Wiley

Youth Commission – Councilman Wiley

T.I. School Board – Councilman Wiley

Local Development Committee –

 Supervisor’s Report

Van Tassell matter proceeding

Municipal CON

Progress on budget for 2018

September 25, Dog Control meeting, Court Room, Town Hall, 5:00pm 2018 budget, etc.

 Councilmen’s Discussion

John Deere Tractor for water/Rec Park

Man-lift purchase?

Budget meetings Wednesday, Oct 4, 11, 18, 25 at 5:30 pm, Court Room, Town Hall

Town Board meeting, Thursday, October 19 at 7 pm, Court Room, Town Hall


Resolution #51 – Authorize the Supervisor to sign documents necessary for CON application       

Resolution #52 – Authorize the Supervisor to sign the TI Central School playground license agreement  

Resolution #53 – Appointment to the BAR    

Resolution #   

Approve payment of Vouchers

Privilege of the Floor


The Town Board of the Town of Cape Vincent consists of five members, the Supervisor and four Councilmen.

Supervisor Debra Suller 

Councilman Marty Mason 

Councilman Dan Wiley

Councilman Paul Aubertine 

Councilman Ed Bender

The Town Board holds regular monthly meetings at the Recreation Park building on James St. in the Village of Cape Vincent. The Supervisor and Councilmen follow the Town’s Code of Ethics and practice open government.