The Town crew will be out from the last week in April till the cutoff date of July 4th. If you live on a Town or County road, pile your limbs 5 to 6 ft. from the shoulder of the road. The State has been cleaning their right-of-way but will not pick up limbs that didn’t fall in the right-of-way. The town crew WILL pick limbs that are piled within reach of the shoulder on the State roads. If you live on a private road or are part of an association, contact me and we can find a place that is accessible for our equipment and large enough for everyone to use. Ideal size for limbs would be 8 to 14 ft. in length. If you have smaller limbs pile them on top of the larger ones. We cannot pick up leaves and smaller sticks. If you want to take care of your own limbs and brush, the Bombard pit in St. Lawrence is a central location for Cape and Clayton, we have a grinder coming in to clean up so please make sure there is no trash, metal or other materials in your load. You can still take brush to our transfer site, but we prefer it goes to Bombards. The company that’s grinding needs 12 very large loads to set up the machine. If you have a tree service working for you they can also take limbs and brush, no stumps. If you have any questions, please call, Dan Hubbard.

Dan Hubbard

Town of Cape Vincent, Highway Dept.

654-2471 (6:30am-5:00pm Monday - Thursday

The Town Board of the Town of Cape Vincent will hold a special meeting on Thursday May 1, 2014 at 4pm to interview candidates who have submitted resumes’ for the vacancy on the town board. The special meeting will be held in the Recreation Park building, James St. Cape Vincent.

The Cape Vincent Town and Village Development Committee will meet the second Wednesday of each month at 6pm at the Cape Vincent Community Library, N. Real St.


            Please Take Notice that the Town Board of the Town of Cape Vincent has scheduled a public hearing for May 1, 2014 at 6:00pm at the Recreation Park Building, James St., Cape Vincent, New York 13618. The purpose of the Hearing is to discuss the distribution of DANC fees for Water District #2 and Water District #3. Copies of preliminary calculations for this distribution will be available at the Town Clerk’s office on Monday April 28, 2014. All Persons wishing to be heard on this issue should be present at the date time and place aforestated or have submitted written comments in advance. Any persons requiring special accommodations to attend the meeting and participate should notify the Town Clerk at least three (3) business days prior to the date and time of the public hearing.

Dated: April 21, 2014                      BY ORDER OF THE TOWN BOARD

                                                     OF THE TOWN OF CAPE VINCENT

                                                     By:  Michelle Bouchard, Town Clerk  

The Zoning Law Update Committee will meet on Thursdays from 2:15pm to 4:15pm at the Recreation Park Building, James St. The Committee is also accepting public comments. Public comments should be submitted in writing by using the designated Comment Sheet which can be picked up at the Town Clerk’s Office.

Town of Cape Vincent
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Cape Vincent, NY 13618
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