Town of Cape Vincent Town Board Meeting

6pm Recreation Park – James Street

                                   February 19, 2015

Open of monthly TB meeting

Privilege of the floor

Accept Minutes of meetings of January 15, 2015      

Financials-Brooks Bragdon Village-Marty Mason
Planning Board-Brooks Bragdon Water & Rec Park-Dave Croft
Youth Commission-Paul Aubertine Highway-Dan Hubbard
School-Paul Aubertine  
ZBA-Marty Mason  

Board Discussion

            Old Business-Ambulance Service discussion TIERS vs alternatives

New Business

  Supervisors report

Temporary assessor – Marline Norfolk

Walking Trails

Meeting with Village Mayor

Water front development

Discussion of River Towns working together with Mosher Financial Group


#15 – Acceptance of the Judges books after audit

#16 – Authorizing the Supervisor to sign the contract with Mosher Financial Group

#17 – Authorize the Supervisor to sign contract with Marlene Norfolk, interim    Assessor

#18 – Authorize the Supervisor to sign the snow & ice contract

Approval of Vouchers