Town board Meeting Agenda

October 17, 2013

Pledge of Allegiance

Opening of public hearing to on Local Law no. 1 of 2013 –Tax Cape Override

Close of public meeting

Open of regular meeting

Privilege of the floor

Accept Minutes of September 19, 2013

Financials   –Brooks Bragdon

ZBA –   Michelle Oswald

Planning   Board – Brooks Bragdon

Village   – John Byrne

Water   and Rec Park – Dave Croft

Zoning   officer – Jim Millington

Highway   – Danny Hubbard

School   – Clif Schneider


Article   X committee – Cliff Schneider



Motion to send letter to BP

Review of Judges Books

Budget process


            Local law no.1 of 2013 for Tax Cap Override

            Resolution to set Nov. 7, 2013 for Public Hearing on Town Budget


Approval of Vouchers