The Town Board has scheduled a special meeting at 4:30pm on Thursday, May 21 at Recreation Park for the purpose of interviewing candidates to fill the vacancy on the Town Board.

         Town of Cape Vincent Town Board Meeting

6pm Recreation Park – James Street

                                   February 19, 2015

Open of monthly TB meeting

Privilege of the floor

Accept Minutes of meetings of January 15, 2015      

Financials-Brooks Bragdon Village-Marty Mason
Planning Board-Brooks Bragdon Water & Rec Park-Dave Croft
Youth Commission-Paul Aubertine Highway-Dan Hubbard
School-Paul Aubertine  
ZBA-Marty Mason  

Board Discussion

            Old Business-Ambulance Service discussion TIERS vs alternatives

New Business

  Supervisors report

Temporary assessor – Marline Norfolk

Walking Trails

Meeting with Village Mayor

Water front development

Discussion of River Towns working together with Mosher Financial Group


#15 – Acceptance of the Judges books after audit

#16 – Authorizing the Supervisor to sign the contract with Mosher Financial Group

#17 – Authorize the Supervisor to sign contract with Marlene Norfolk, interim    Assessor

#18 – Authorize the Supervisor to sign the snow & ice contract

Approval of Vouchers



PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Town Board of the Town of Cape Vincent has scheduled a public hearing with a regular Board Meeting to immediately follow, on October 16 at 6:00pm at the Recreation Park Building located on James Street, Cape Vincent, New York 13618 to consider Local Law #3 of 2014. The purpose of the Hearing is to allow the Town Board to override the tax cap limit on the amount of real property taxes that may be levied by the Town of Cape Vincent pursuant to General Municipal Law §3-C. All persons wishing to be heard on this issue should be present at the date time and place aforestated or have submitted written comments in advance. Any persons requiring special accommodations to attend the meeting and participate should notify the Town Clerk at least three (3) business days prior to the date and time of the public hearing.

Dated October 6, 2014                                   By Michelle Bouchard, Town Clerk

The Town Board is now accepting letters of interest from anyone wishing to serve on the Local Development Committee. This will be a three year term. Interested persons should drop off their letters of interest to the Town Clerks office by Tuesday Nov. 18, 2014.

                           Town Board Meeting Agenda

March 20, 2014


Open of regular meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Privilege of the floor

Accept Minutes February 20, 2014


Michael Docteur

ZBA   – Paul Aubertine

Financials –Dick Macsherry

Water and Rec Park – Dave Croft

Village – John Byrne

Highway – Danny Hubbard

School – Clif Schneider

Zoning officer – Jim Millington

Planning Board – Brooks Bragdon

Zoning Committee - Bob Brown


Let’s take a breath of fresh air and welcome Spring in

Resolution #19 Reserve accounts

Approval of Vouchers